for grandpa for sure! My verse or your verse?

About wHaTiF?

Back in 1980 Pål and Conny started talking about doing something together. They had a plan. “Lets make music!” The only problem was that the plan included Påls yet unknown and unborn daughter, Linnea. So they had to wait. In the years that followed, Conny joined up with experimental film-group “fRa-film” and Pål played in various bands and set up several studios in every basement he lived above. In the year 2005 the time was right. Påls daughter, now well known (and of course, born!), started to sing on Connys forthcoming album. Pål contributed some vocals and guitars. The collaboration expanded to such a degree that the “trinity of creativity” decided that it was time for “wHaTiF?” From April the 24th (2006) their first album, “Electricity” is available on iTunes (two years later they decided to give it away for free, so its no longer available on iTUnes). During the most part of 2006 they worked on the follow up, Another Scary Thing. Early 2009 the follow up to AST was released, The Final Meltdown. Since then the group took a well needed break and recharged the batteries. New material is in progress!

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